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Data A&E - What do we do next?

» We receive your media, hard drive/flash solid state drive.

» We analyse your Hard drive using the first stage process. This normally takes
       several hours. Once this is complete we work out what needs to be done to
       recover the data.

» We write to you to tell what our initial findings have been in the evaluation

» Hard Drives: Recovering your data can be a lengthy process. Using the latest
       equipment we take your hard drive through a first stage process and if needed
       this is followed by an investigation on more complex equipment.

» Flash drives(memory sticks): require that we physically remove the Flash chip
       from the circuit board in order to effect an evaluation before attempting to
       recover the data. This will mean that the memory stick will not function again as
       a storage medium.

» We take time to make sure we extract as much data as it is possible to recover.
       Once this is finished we contact you and email you what we have found.

» We ask for your written consent/agreement to the prices we will charge, there
       should be no surprises here.

» You choose how you would like the data returned to you, subject to the amount
       of data and our recommendation. We normally suggest an external hard drive
       as this comfortably stores a large amount of data and is useful for you to have
       as a permanent back up. Recovered Flash media is usually returned on Dvd.

» We courier your data to you. We will keep a copy for 10 days.