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Data A&E - About Us

When data loss occurs, you need a data recovery company with the technology and skills required to successfully recover your data, Skilled data recovery means a recovery service that delivers as quickly as possible. Data A&E is that data recovery company. Data recovery is a specialism that very few companies are actually able to perform correctly. If you value your data, make absolutely sure you are using a reputable company in the recovery of that data.

At Data A&E we recover data for businesses and we also work with everyday people who may have just lost their Excel or Word data, 3 years worth of family photos, or even their IPOD data. No matter what the situation, Data A&E Data Recovery can help you get your data back with our professional data recovery techniques.

We can help in these data Recovery situations

» Drive damage due to power issues (over voltage, voltage spikes, etc)

» Head stack failures; clicking hard drives and other physical failures

» Spindle motor failures, especially common in Toshiba hard drives

» Drive seen as RAW in Windows, or asks to Format

» BIOS detects wrong drive model or size, or does not see the drive at all

» Human error, accidental deletion, accidental format, OS reinstall

» RAID failures, degraded arrays, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, 6, 1+0, 0+1

» Data loss due to virus attacks, or sabotage

» Water damaged, flooded hard drives

» Fire and Smoke damaged drives