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Data A&E - Our Prices

Drive Unrecoverable - No Data Recovered £0.00 Fee
Stage 1 Recovered data from Logical & Media Corruption from £79.00 minus Evaluation Fee
Stage 2 Recovered data from Stage 1 plus Electronic
& or Firmware Failure
from £195.00 minus Evaluation Fee
Stage 3 Recovered data from Stage 1&2 and Physical Failure from £295.00 minus Evaluation fee
Memory Stick, Flash, SD, Photo Card etc from £69.00 - Evalaution Fee
Fast track data recovery within 24 hours Please call 01273 251129 for personal quotation

Storage Device

We usually copy your data recovery onto an external hard drive. This also has the advantage of being a back-up device that you can use for your future storage needs.

External Hard drive(depending on size required) £69.00 - £150
For small amounts of data a DvD or Flash Drive is used £15.00 - £60.00

Delivery, Return & Evaluation of Goods

Drive with recovered (invoice settled) with data is safely packaged and delivered to your home or office by courier £0.00
Not recovered or unrecoverable drive(s) collected £0.00
Not recovered or unrecoverable drive(s) returned including postage & packaging, each unit £35.00 (HDD), £25.00 (Flash & Optical)