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Data A&E - FAQs

How much will the recovery cost?

Each recovery is different and the cost is based on the complexity of the problem. Choose a recovery company that will take the time to examine your drive and give you a full diagnostic report before they attempt to recover your valuable data.

Is it possible to recover data from a hard drive that was accidentally formatted?

Yes, we can recover data from a hard drive that was formatted, erased and even repartitioned!

My hard drive is clicking, can the data still be recovered?

If the hard drive is making sounds it has never made before, stop immediately, keeping it on forced reading may cause more damage. Call us on 01273 251129. We can still help you recover the data.

How much data can be recovered?

In 95% of recoveries we can recover 100% of the data from any media. Often it’s just as efficient to recover all of the data, as it is to recover specific, files.